Continental GT Fusion 2.0



The Continental GT Fusion 2.0 is a Fusion between Afro Fabrics and European Elegance. Fusing two Cultures. Designed in West Africa and Hand Crafted in Florence Italy with Sacchetto technique finishing.

  • Good Year Welted
  • Afro Fabric / Genuine Leather
  • Brown Color
  • Sacchetto Finishing
  • Hand MADE
  • Designed in Africa, Manufactured in Europe


  • Fits true to size. Regular Fit
  • Sizes are of Europe (Italian Sizes) see shoe chart for specific country size


Please kindly allow up to 14 days dispatch time for your order. Once dispatched items are usually delivered within 1-3 working days. This item can be returned within 10 days of delivery. All returns handled by email to

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