About us

Alessandro Veneto was born 5 years ago in the historical city of Venice in ITALY with a vision of bringing a perfect fashion finish for fashion needs. Alessandro Veneto is home to Italian's classical accessories, a collection of world's leading handmade materials with a vintage and modern day touch for your day to day fashion finish. We maintain quality and style in its simpliest form
Fashion is the ultimate reflection of you. Whether you prefer it to be bold or classic, simple or extravagant, our on-trend accessories let you have fun and express yourself without limitations or boundaries. Many fashionists turn to forget the importance of accompanied accessories weather its just a ring, a bangle, a bracelet, a pendant, an ear ring , a hat etc to give you the ultimate presentation. Our various products are here to remind you of thier importance.
All of our products are designed in Italy by people who know your daily fashion needs with a meticulous attention to details, style, quality and simplicity meaning you get the quality products you deserve. This also means our products have elegant, unique attributes not found anywhere else.
 Our customer's satisfaction is our greatest desire, We maintain a level of money back guarantee therefore If you’re not happy with your purchase, rest assured all of our products are backed by our satisfaction guarantee. Want to know more?
E-mail us at: info@alessandroveneto.com